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Please be prepared to complete the entire application below before you get started. Once a form is started it must be completed. You will not be able to save and return to this form and you will not be able to make changes to your information once you hit the "submit" button, so please scroll through and be sure that you have all of the requested information available. Please do not hit the "submit" button until you have scrolled to the bottom of the page and completed the entire form. (*) indicates required field
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Contact Name
Vending Request
Mobile units include self-contained trailers or food trucks that will serve as your sales booth. If you are applying to operate a mobile unit, please list full tongue-to-tail dimensions here.
Is your mobile unit currently equipped with an on-board fire suppression system?
Carts should be self-contained and take up a small footprint . If you are applying to bring carts please indicate how many carts you would like to operate?
If you are applying for carts please describe in detail below what kind (if any) of prep or storage area you will need at each cart and/or in a separate prep area.
How would you describe your PRIMARY offerings? We understand that you may serve other items but please choose the category that best describes your operation.
You may provide additional information in the space below.
Please list ALL items that you would like to sell and corresponding prices.
Vendor Booth Description and Experience
Please Describe the appearance of your set-up (booth layout, equipment, signage)
Please let us know what experience you have vending to a large crowd and why you feel your operation would be a good fit for Camp Springer? Please list at least three references, with names and email addresses. Your application will not be considered complete if you leave this section blank
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